As Abilities United enters our next 50 years of service to people with disabilities and the community, we reflect on the past but just as importantly, we look to the future and envision what life can be like for community members living with a disability.  When we consider the incredible changes over the past 50 years, we can only imagine the great improvements that are possible in the next 50 years. As the world is increasingly embracing the concept of inclusion and as technology enables people with disabilities to be active members of their community, we see a very bright future for everyone.  Abilities United sees a society where people of all abilities learn, live, work, and play together creating greater fulfillment, benefit, and unity for everyone. It is a society where there are no barriers to the full inclusion and contribution of people with disabilities and their families.  It is truly “Abilities United”.

To ensure this vision, AbilitiesUnited promises to provide the highest quality of services to the people we serve.  As we strive to be a center of excellence, we will continue to champion the rights of people with disabilities; give them the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the community; and in so doing, make decisions with them – not for them.
So with this vision and promise in mind, we found it important to review our mission statement to ensure that it fits our vision and promise for the future.  After months of input, reviews, edits, and final approval we have adopted the following mission statement, which you will immediately begin to see on all Abilities United materials.  
Abilities United supports children and adults with disabilities, their families and members of the community, and champions a culture in which all members of society are included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.
Please join me in embracing this new mission statement and keep our mission and vision in mind with every action you take so we live up to the goal of our name “Abilities United”.
Lynda Steele, Executive Director