Nonprofit leaders and staff understand the importance of the work and contributions of their volunteers. The volunteers share their time and talent, but they also are ambassadors of Abilities United, and donors to the organization.

There are so many service, administration, fundraising, and business functions that would never get done without the dedication of our wonderful volunteers. in 2009/2010 Abilities United was privileged to receive nearly 9,000 hours of volunteer services valued at $250,000! And 2011 is looking just as good.

But recently we were reminded of how much more volunteers give to Abilities United. We were blown away to receive a $500,000 gift from the charitable remaining trust of a family whose daughter volunteered at Abilities United as a teenager! And just the other day we received $25,000 from another family whose son had volunteered with Abilities United back in the 1970’s! What amazing proof that the impact of our volunteers goes WAY beyond the number of hours they give and the talents that they share.
So on behalf of Abilities United and every nonprofit, we give each and every volunteer a larger than life thanks for the many contributions you make to our community and the world!