For Robin’s family, success is his ability to communicate his wishes and to help others.

At 18 months of age, his parents noticed that Robin had problems sitting up.   Born with Cerebral Palsy, he was left unable to speak and with difficulty walking.  Though he received services as a child, it was not until he was a young adult that his family found Abilities United.

His parents were delighted to find services for the whole family at Abilities United.  They receive essential help in their home to care for Robin. With excitement in her voice, his mother Linda says Robin looks forward to attending Abilities United Adult Day Activities.  Through these social opportunities, he has learned to express his needs and communicate his feelings.  He also enjoys his art and music classes at Foothill College, goes on camping trips, and volunteers at nonprofits.  Robin’s mother, Linda states, “Robin comes home with a smile on his face. We couldn’t ask for a better service!”

His parents can’t get over how much he’s improved with the help of Abilities United.  As Linda and Joe celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, they also celebrate Robin’s success.  Recognizing the difference Abilities United makes in her family’s life, Linda volunteered at the agency for over 35 years.

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Ensure our lifetime of services – from early intervention for children with developmental delays to employment placement for adults with disabilities. Thank you for making success possible for a lifetime!  Give now to impact an individual’s life!