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Early Intervention

Early Intervention Programs

Early Intervention offers in-home education and therapy services for children from birth to three years old who have developmental delays or are at risk of delay, and their families. Your child’s and family’s unique and changing needs are fully supported through our comprehensive developmental services. Our multi-disciplinary team of special educators and therapists provides structured developmental and educational opportunities in a child’s natural environment. A focus on parental support and education through parent participation helps you identify your child’s and family’s needs and provides resources and supports to manage those needs.

Abilities United services are also available in Spanish.

Services available include:

  • home visits
  • community-based groups
  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy
  • speech therapy
  • mental health services

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The regional center will determine if your child is eligible for Early Intervention services. Eligibility for Early Intervention is based on 0-3 Federal Eligibility guidelines.

Contact your local regional center for further information regarding eligibility.

San Mateo county residents:
Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) 415-546-9222

Santa Clara county residents:
San Andreas (SARC) 408-374-9960

Once your child is determined to be eligible for services by the regional center you are referred to Early Intervention.

For more information contact (650)494-0550 or submit a request.