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Let’s Get Social

We offer a year-round after school program that offers socialization training and community integration services for children and young adults who have a developmental disability, ages 5 through 22 years old. Each day offers the opportunity to learn the daily living skills that help them do better in school, become more independent, socialize with their peers, and transition into community after school programs that serve children from all walks of life.

Your child will have the opportunity to develop and maintain friendships outside their family, interact socially with people of all ages and backgrounds, and develop the skills needed for independence and healthy social experiences in the community.

Our after school program offers services in the following areas:

  • Socialization and peer interaction
  • Adaptive physical education and motor skills
  • Sensory activities
  • Communication skills
  • Community outings and activities
  • Summer camps

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Summer camps: fun, friends and new experiences

Abilities United offers two summer camps for children and young adults.

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