One swim stroke at a time...

over 50 years of helping children and adults with disabilities

Event Format

Abilities United Aquathon is a swim relay where each team swims laps

  • Laps are 30-minutes
  • A lap consists of 25 yards
  • Laps will be counted for each team

Swim teams

  • Teams consist of 6 to 8 swimmers.
  • Each swimmer will receive an Aquathon commemorative gift.

Swimming for all

  • You may switch swimmers after a 25-yard lap or after two 25-yard laps.
  • Swimmers should swim in the same order throughout the race.  If someone drops out, the order is simply shortened by a person.
  • All swim strokes are allowed.
  • A lap is completed when the swimmer touches the wall with one hand. That is the signal for the next swimmer to begin.
  • The number of laps completed will be marked off at the end of each heat, and partial quarter lengths will be added to the total.

Safety first

  • Teammates may assist swimmers to climb out of the pool.
  • Running starts are not allowed.
  • Diving starts are not allowed.

Heats and lanes

  • Heat and lane assignments are made a few days before the Aquathon and are posted at the event.
  • Lane numbers are posted on lap counters’ chairs.
  • Each team must check-in with their lap counter at 10 minutes before the starting time for their heat.