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Independent Living Skills

Daily life skills are critical to your independence

You already have many life skills, but if there are others you’d like to develop, we can assist you to acquire them.  We have two independent living skills programs based on what level of independence you are ready to achieve.

Getting Started with Independent Living

In Independent Living Skills (ILS), you work one-on-one with your ILS coach to learn the additional daily living skills you need to be as independent as possible.

For instance, to live in your own apartment, you need to know how to cook, clean, shop, pay bills, and manage money. To work, you need to know how to dress appropriately, manage your time, and interact with co-workers. To have an enjoyable social life, you need to know how to make friends, access social activities, and entertain. At Abilities United, you receive personalized, 1:1 coaching so you learn the daily life skills you need to compliment your existing skills.

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For more information contact (650) 494-0550 or submit a request for more information

Integrated Living (for residents of 1585 Studios in Mountain View, CA)

The Abilities United Integrated Living Program is a comprehensive, individualized two-year long program designed for adults over age 18, with developmental disabilities, to learn the daily life skills needed to be self-sufficient and live independently in the community.

You and your personal coach will work together to complete a comprehensive ‘strengths and needs’ assessment which will outline training and lesson plans to address your abilities, needs, strengths, preferences, and life stage. You’ll work to create a written plan with measurable goals and outcomes and set timelines for reaching your goals. You’ll participate in quarterly team meetings to review your progress and adjust goals.

You can choose from a range of personalized support in the areas of academics, job and career, independent living, recreational, social, and relationship-building skills.

All residents of 1585 Studios in Mountain View, CA must submit an application and meet qualification criteria in order to enroll.

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For more information contact (650)494-0550 or submit a request.