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Day Activities

Everyday is an opportunity to live life to the fullest

In our day programs, you choose from a variety of activities to experience new opportunities and learn. You and your friends participate in activities to learn household tasks such as shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and gardening; community life skills like transportation usage and restaurant dining; and how to access community resources such as libraries, museums, theaters, parks, and other public areas.

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For more information contact (650) 494-0550 or submit a request for more information

Community Connections: Community involvement matters

At Community Connections you can choose from a variety of social and volunteer activities that let you give back to your community. These volunteer opportunities allow you to learn new things in our educational series, and develop communication skills when you help produce the Community Connections cable TV show and newsletters and make new friends while learning new and exciting things. As a member of your community, you will also have access to many free public resources and activities.

Volunteer Jobs

Participate in volunteer opportunities to help other local nonprofits, senior centers, nursing homes, and community service organizations Choose from dozens of group or individual volunteer including things like maintenance and office work at the American Red Cross, park cleanup at Mitchell Park, and book sorting at the Friends of Palo Alto Library. These are just a few of the many educational and important volunteer jobs available to you!


You can attend the educational series that gives you valuable information and tips about health care, financial planning, nutrition, safety and more!


Help produce the Community Connections cable TV shows or newsletter! We need your participation in anything from interviewing guests, to filming / photography to prepping the stage or distributing the final work of art! Contac us to get involved!

For more information contact (650) 494-0550 or submit a request for more information