Nick Golick, his father David, and their family have been part
of the Abilities United family since Nick was six months old.

Nick Golick is a happy, artistic and inspiring young man. Born with Down syndrome, Nick started coming to Abilities United in 1982, when he was just six months old, and so began a lifelong relationship with the organization.

Abilities United has always had great programs that benefit Nick,” says his father, David. “First was aquatics in the pool, and then the early intervention program helped him develop balance and motor skills. Next came Special Olympics, then learning how to become more self-sufficient through the Independent Living Skills program, and finally Nick got a job as an adult. Abilities United has always been there to help him flourish.”

Getting a job was the ultimate success for Nick. Abilities United helped Nick land a job as a Courtesy Clerk at Safeway, where he bags groceries, collects grocery carts in the parking lot, and helps around the store. He’s been there six years, and meets weekly with his Abilities United job coach to discuss how to continually improve his work.

His attitude about his job sets a great example for all of us. “I like to go to work, and I’m passionate about my job,” says Nick, “When we go on vacation, I’m always asking when I get to go back to work.”

“He’s very, very proud of his job,” adds David, “and I’m a very proud father.”

Nick likes to express himself through painting and has done so since he was a child. With the help of Abilities United, he has sold many of his works. “When I sell my paintings, I give half the money to Abilities United,” Nick says. “It makes me feel really proud.”

The Golicks have now been involved with Abilities United for some 29 years. “The spirit of the organization has always stayed the same,” says David. “They are good people with big hearts. Those of us who live in the area should know about Abilities United, and appreciate that we have such a great organization in our community.”

And we appreciate that Nick contributes to our community through dedication to his work, his beautiful artwork, and his positive attitude!

Based on an interview with Nick and David Golick in 2012. Written by Bob Thomas. Edited by the Golick Family and Wendy Kuehnl.