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Meet the 40th Anniversary Aquathon honorary swimmer

Anne Berry joined the Abilities United Community Connections program in January 2011.  Over the years she has taken advantage of all that the program offers, volunteering at local nonprofits and participating in the many social group activities.  Anne states with her... read more

Stanford engineering students build accessible tool

Three Stanford University engineering students, working with Abilities United, have come up with an artist’s tool that allows people with limited arm and hand control to make art on their own without an assistant guiding their hand. The prototype, which the students... read more

Artists Join Award-Winning Art Lifting

Abilities United artists Daniel Arroyo, Ingrid Lai, and Philip Ma have joined ArtLifting, an award-winning national marketplace for notable artists affected by disabilities or homelessness. ArtLifting began as a Boston startup in 2013 and now has contracts with more... read more

Blossoming career as an artist

Years before Daniel Arroyo spoke, he expressed himself with art. He just always loved to draw. Cartoon characters were his first subjects. He’d sit in front of the TV, making wavy pen lines on sheets of printer paper until an image of SpongeBob SquarePants or Thomas... read more

College graduate aspires to work in TV and film

Dustin Parro loves movies and knows all there is to know about films. In high school, he was known as the “walking movie encyclopedia”. After graduating from high school, Dustin spent two years at West Valley College in Saratoga before transferring to San Jose State... read more

Celebrate Lynda Steele’s gifts to Abilities United

We are honored to share the news that our dear friend Lynda Steele, has left Abilities United her estate gift of more than $1 million. Lynda dedicated her entire life, including her retirement, to her work with people with developmental and other disabilities. ... read more

Authors Luncheon $150 early bird ticket!

The early birds get the best ticket price to the 26th Annual Abilities United Authors Luncheon! Be the first to book your table or reserve your seats at the lowest price of the year! This special $150 ticket is available now through June 30. Reserve your table or... read more