We are honored to share the news that our dear friend Lynda Steele, has left Abilities United her estate gift of more than $1 million. Lynda dedicated her entire life, including her retirement, to her work with people with developmental and other disabilities.  Lynda’s 20-year career at Abilities United was committed to advocating on behalf of all the families and individuals we serve. Today, her generosity ensures that her commitment to people with disabilities will continue through our work at Abilities United.

After I shared this news with Abilities United staff and board members, they sent back heartfelt comments including the following:

  • I felt very privileged to have known and worked with Lynda.
  • I feel her caring, generous spirit is very much alive and well.
  • What an exceptional person,  Lynda has been!  Wow, a beautiful honor for Abilities United.
  • WOW WOW WOW !!! This is incredible and yet not surprising-Lynda was wonderful and her energy abounds.
  • More proof that one life served well can impact countless others. What a beautiful gift to be bestowed on us here at Abilities United, as well as many others. Lynda made a truly lasting impact because of the passion that she had for the people whose lives we never stop believing in.
  • Lynda was a great lady, advocate, mentor!  So glad she stopped by a couple months before she passed and I got to squeeze her.  And her legacy continues……
  • This is such amazing news and shows the heart Lynda had for supporting people with developmental disabilities and the faith she has in Abilities United.   I am deeply moved by Lynda’s legacy.

Please join us for a garden party to honor Lynda and to celebrate the gifts she shared with us.

Thursday, June 22
5:30 – 7: 30 pm
Program 6:30 pm

Abilities United 525
East Charleston Road
Palo Alto 

Kindly RSVP by June 15. If you need more information call 650-494-0550.



I look forward to seeing you in June for this very special celebration of Lynda’s life and contributions.


Charlie Weidanz
Chief Executive Officer