Kelly Wong’s life changed drastically after
getting a job through Abilities United. 

Six years ago, Kelly Wong, a charming young lady who is developmentally delayed, was using the rehabilitation services of another provider. Her mother Wanda had dreamed that perhaps someday Kelly could work, but she simply was not progressing.

“I found Abilities United, and after they did an assessment, they said that Kelly had the ability to hold a job,” says Wanda. “I was surprised and excited. They worked closely with Kelly, training her on a variety of tasks and helping her prepare for an interview.”
With training and support from Abilities United, Kelly got a job as a courtesy clerk at Safeway in Milpitas, where she bags groceries, collects carts, and helps in various other ways. She has been there for five years, working four days a week. Reflecting that the significance of having a job cannot be over-stated, when asked if she enjoys working, Kelly answers an emphatic “yes” and absolutely beams with excitement. 
Wanda has been thrilled with how Abilities United has helped transform her daughter’s life. “Since she started with Abilities United, there’s been a drastic change with Kelly,” says Wanda. “She’s able to be more independent, her speech has improved, she’s much more confident, and her personality has blossomed. What a difference there’s been!”
“The Abilities United staff is so passionate; I’m so impressed,” Wanda says. “They’re upbeat and professional, and they make you feel important. They’re just amazing.”
At Abilities United we appreciate the wonderful feedback, and it’s amazing people like Kelly that inspire us to do what we do.
Based on a 2012 interview with Wanda and Kelly Wong. Written by Bob Thomas, edited by Wanda Wong and Wendy Kuehnl.