Judy Wachner is a dedicated artist and

sells her art to supplement family income.
When you walk through the front door at Abilities United, take a moment to look at the beautiful painting that hangs on the wall to your left. This will make you one of many who have admired the wonderful art of Judy Wachner.
Judy has been with the Abilities United Independent Living Skills (ILS) program for the past three years, since moving to the Bay Area from Southern California. Judy’s path has had its challenges. “When I was young I had a head injury, but for years nothing was diagnosed,” she says. “I did ok in public schools, but I was physically very small. I had a learning disability that nobody could figure out, and I had seizures and other issues.”
Seeing Judy’s special gifts as an artist, Abilities United helped obtain a scholarship for Judy to get individual art lessons from a professional instructor. Bud Rubin, a supporter of Abilities United, funds a scholarship that helps covers the fees for these lessons. With this, the stage was set for one of Judy’s special experiences at Abilities United. “I was able to give Mr. Rubin a picture that I had drawn,” says Judy. “He liked it and it made me feel so good.” Cassy Curran, Judy’s ILS instructor at Abilities United, adds that “It was an amazing picture; it just had a heavenly feeling. Mr. Rubin was deeply touched; it was a wonderful moment.”
“Working with Judy has been a delight, adds Cassy. “Her artwork is beautiful and captivating. I admire her sense of beauty, her gentleness, and her courage. She’s had a lot of difficult challenges in her life, but now I can see the day where Judy will be MY art teacher!”
Judy has sold a number of pieces of her art, and aspires to sell more. “I’d like to sell more to help add to our household income,” says Judy, who has been happily married to her husband Yaakov for 12 years. “Abilities United has been very proactive in helping me with my art, and helping me find new ways to sell it.”
“There are a lot of people with disabilities, many who are more disabled than I am,” says Judy. “But with a bit of help, the art that some people with disabilities can create is incredible. Abilities United is a great place. There’s a warmth here that helps make it really special.”

Based on a 2013 interview.  Written by Bob Thomas. Edited by Judy Wachner and Wendy Kuehnl.