Jessica Codromac is an Aquathon participant since 2004 and an Abilities United participant since she was 20 years old.  Jessica was surprised and delighted to be selected to be the honorary swimmer for 2018. Jessica states,  “I like to swim and I like swimming as a group on my friend’s team. I like the cheerleading and my team is good at it. My favorite stroke is freestyle.”

Born with Down syndrome and a heart condition, Jessica received early intervention services starting at age 2 years which helped her learn to walk and talk.  Progressing through the Cupertino School District, Jessica discovered her love for swimming in high school.  In addition to enjoying her swim lessons, she also participated in a number of Special Olympics Bay Area events, such as gymnastic and swimming and earned various medals.

When Jessica left high school, she became part of the Abilities United family.  Her mother Lourdes states, “In addition to becoming very close to many friends at Abilities United, she has received amazing support and dedication from the Employment Services and Independent Living Skills programs. Abilities United not only supports Jessica, but they have also been a great encouraging support to our family.”

Jessica has had a full work life. She was employed at the Century Theater for 8 years and volunteered at the Santa Clara Blind Center and BOK ranch.  She also volunteers at Abilities United in administration and was a part of the group that prepared and cooked the monthly Board Meetings dinners. Jessica exclaims, “I like volunteering here and help with shredding and filing. I like cooking and I’m good at it.”

When the family moved away, Abilities United continued to be a support to the family. Her living skills coach recommended she enroll in an art organization which enabled Jessica to discover her talents and love for art.  As much as she loved the program, her heart always longed to return to her home and family at Abilities United.  Lourdes exclaims, “And we are blessed to be back with the Abilities United family.”

Today, Jessica is enrolled in the Abilities United Independent Living Skills and Computer Education services and participates in art and crafts. Her love of art gave her the incentive to volunteer in the Abilities United Art Program which she hopes to enroll in to hone her acrylic paint skills.

Thank you, Jessica, for joining us as the honorary swimmer for Aquathon 2018! Dive in!