A proud participant of the Abilities United Integrated Living Program, Jenna quickly learned the work, social, and life skills needed to live on her own. She’s had a longtime goal to live independently – consider it mission accomplished!

Jenna’s tireless determination and eagerness to take on any task was key to her securing a new job at Whole Foods. She simply walked in and asked to be interviewed – she was hired on the spot!

While she enjoys the many classes and groups offered by the Abilities United Integrated Living Program, Jenna specifically credits the Job Club for teaching her the interview and job-hunting skills that helped her land the job at Whole Foods. Through her work, Jenna has gained confidence and pride: “I love my job, and I’m doing well. I bag groceries, do go-backs, organize the silverware, and refill water bottles. I also work at Walgreens as a cashier and am doing well on that job too. Since I love horses, I also volunteer at BOK Ranch in Woodside where I prep dinner for the horses. The Abilities United staff are very good and very supportive of me at my work and volunteer jobs.”

Jenna and her family appreciate the guidance and direction that Abilities United has provided. Her mother states,  “It’s comforting to know that the people at Abilities United are so caring and supportive. Abilities United is a very positive spot in our lives.”

Your generous support of Abilities United will help people like Jenna achieve their goals and live the life they want. Thank you for helping make Jenna’s dreams – and those of her family – come true!

In support of people like Jenna, the Sobrato Family Foundation has partnered with Abilities United and will match, on a 2-for-1 basis, each new or increased gift made before June 30, 2017 – so every new $1 you give will be worth $3!  Please give now to help the dreams of people like Jenna come true!


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