Ian Hucke, a resident of New Mexico, uses a variety of mediums such as acrylic, graphite, watercolor, pastels and ink to express himself while experimenting with a wide range of styles and subjects. His latest body of work is inspired by a curiosity in the people around him, fascinated by their appearance and possible lives. In response, he developed a series of portraits entitled “People Watching”, where he invents playful mini-stories about his anonymous models.

Ian says, “I love story telling. My art, if I do it well, provides the ability to be a storyteller without words. I am thankful for my ability to excel at it, in spite of my physical deficits. My goal is to draw what I love well, and be able to make a living doing that.” In 2015, Ian traveled to San Jose to lead an art workshop at the Children’s Discovery Museum.

Stevie painting by Ian Hucke: Red haired fair skinned woman painted with acrylic and ink on paper
Stevie by Ian Huck, using acrylic and ink on paper.