I live on my own, and I work in our community. My name is Martin Odian. I’m
a participant at Abilities United. I’d like to tell you about myself and the experience
I’ve had at Abilities United.
In 2009, at age 25, I started as a participant in the Independent Living Skills program.
I’ve learned a lot of new things since I joined Abilities United. My Adult Services
specialist, Patrick, has helped me learn more about cleaning and cooking, and I really
enjoy living in my own studio apartment.
I work at the Chevron gas station right next door to my apartment. The job involves
a lot of responsibility, and I love it! Each morning at 7 am, I check the gas station and
call Chevron with our inventory. I also work as a cashier and am often the only
employee at the station.
My most favorite thing is being able to go to public policy workshops in Sacramento.
I’m really excited to be doing this! Patrick has helped me establish an
Advocacy Group with other Abilities United participants, and I really enjoy talking and
working with others around the state. I try to advocate for change to help convince
Sacramento in times of very tight budgets to continue and increase state support for services
such as organizations like Abilities United provide to people with disabilities.
Please donate to Abilities United to keep the services we have and help people who need the services.
Abilities United provides good quality services from people who know how to help.
I encourage you to donate to Abilities United now and in the years ahead. Without Abilities United, we
wouldn’t have the good quality services we need. Please join me and give what you can to support our agency!
Thank you!
Martin Odian
Submitted by Martin Odian, participant in Abilities United Independent Living Skills