Giving Tuesday

Do you know how it feels to be left out of a group or to be secluded at home, all alone?

Many children and adults with developmental disabilities in our community know this feeling every day. Because of transportation challenges, often they have few opportunities to participate in and engage with their peers and community.

But with services like those from Abilities United, these individuals get involved every day with learning, volunteering, working, and social activities throughout the Bay Area.

These outings and activities are possible only when we have accessible vans so the individuals with physical limitations or who use a wheelchair can also participate.

But as we all know, vehicles age and break down. We have lost a few vans to age.  As you can imagine, a van equipped with a wheelchair ramp and other adaptive equipment is expensive.  Today and on Giving Tuesday, November 27th, we ask you to help us raise $50,000 to replace one of the vans.

So how can you help?  Any donation of any amount that you give will add up quickly and enable us to purchase that new accessible van to ensure everyone has opportunities to participate in community life.

Only together, a united front, can we raise the $50,000 needed to give children and adults with developmental disabilities daily opportunities for full inclusion in our daily lives.

Mark November 27 on your calendar and plan to give on Giving Tuesday.

Thank you for your generosity and for joining us on this mission of inclusion for all.