Gabi and her parents first enrolled in Abilities United Early Intervention program when she was just two months old.  Under the guidance of educators and therapists, Gabi learned the basics: how to crawl, walk, talk, feed herself, and socialize with her peers. Her parents were particularly impressed by the staff’s gentleness, compassion, and patience. To encourage Gabi’s progress, they incorporated these therapeutic methods into their own parenting.  Gabi’s mother stated, “The fact that Abilities United was there for us made a big, big difference in our lives. It was essential to our survival. I have no idea what we would have done without the Early Intervention program.”

The great start Gabi received in early intervention helped ensure that she would attend elementary and middle school in the Palo Alto School District. After graduation from Palo Alto High School she attended a two-year program at Foothill College and one year at Taft College.

Always an advocate for others, early on Gabi developed a passion for giving back to her community including helping to tutor fellow students in high school.  She was a guest speaker at Abilities United Authors Luncheon fundraiser and swims in the Abilities United Aquathon fundraiser.  Today, she is a full-time volunteer in the Abilities United Milestones Preschool and the Adult Activities programs. She especially enjoys working with children and aspires to become a preschool or kindergarten teacher. Gabi is also enrolled in the Abilities United art program where she creates, exhibits, and sells her colorful, geometric works of art.

Your gift will help children and adults like Gabi receive the educational, therapeutic, social, and vocational services they need from childhood through adulthood. Your gift helps individuals,  like Gabi, reach their aspirations.

Like her bright, bold, effusive artwork, Gabi is full of energy and optimism stating, “I want to spend the rest of my life at Abilities United! I love painting! And I love my life and work.”

Abilities United has provided a lifetime of services to an estimated 80,000 community members with developmental disabilities for over 55 years. We look forward to our merger with Gatepath of Redwood City to create a stronger, united front to advocate for services for the children, adults, and families who need our services. The impact made on individual, family, and collective lives over the years is immeasurable, but Gabi, a lifelong participant at Abilities United, exemplifies the accomplishments possible when these essential services are available when needed.

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