One swim stroke at a time...

over 50 years of helping children and adults with developmental disabilities


Event Tips

The Abilities United Aquathon is a fun and engaging swim event that benefits children and adults with disabilities.  The tremendous success of the Aquathon is due to the dedication, commitment, and passion of people like you who swim to support services for children and adults with disabilities, and we thank you!

Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members

  • Tell everybody that you are participating in the Abilities United Aquathon to benefit children and adults with disabilities.
  • Talk about the fun of preparing for the Aquathon, and what a great day it is – music, food, sun!
  • Recruit other swimmers to join your team.
  • Recruit non-swimmers to be team cheerleaders and fun-raisers. Once they register they will get their own web page to contribute to your team’s goal.
  • If you have a company team, tell your co-workers who is on your team.
  • Proudly announce your goals.
  • Share Abilities United participant stories and how services have impacted their lives.
  • Make your training for this event part of a weight reduction or health regimen commitment. “Bet” your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members that you will keep up your regimen until the Aquathon.
  • Login to your personal dashboard (my home) to get started emailing your story to your network.  Monitor your progress from that same page.

Use technology to share your story

  • Email a short letter to everyone in your personal address book or upload your address book to our site. You will find sample emails on our Aquathon website.
  • Ask others to forward your emails to their network to help you support this great cause.
  • Post on social media  (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)!  Tell the world about your participation in the Aquathon and let them track your progress as you prepare for this fantastic event
  • Ask your social media network to like, share and comment on your posts.

Get support early

  • Set your goal on your donation page to encourage people to donate.
  • Set goals per swimmer and/or per team.
  • If you participated previously, base your goal for this year on a percentage growth.
  • Create a friendly rivalry – challenge your colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family to compete against you.

Matching Funds

  • Double your contribution if your company matches the money you raise.
  • Find out if your company makes contributions to or sponsors nonprofit events.
  • Ask your team members to submit their matching gift forms as soon as possible. Matching gift pledges are counted toward your individual and team fundraising totals if you provide us matching gift documentation by October 1.

Questions to ask your employer

  • Do we have a matching gifts program or a community donations fund?
  • What do I need to do to get funding for Abilities United?  What documentation do I need?
  • What do I need to do to get matching gift documentation to Abilities United by October 1?