Animal Instinct

Tuesday, April 11 to Wednesday, June 21
Abilities United Art Gallery and Studio

3864 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

Ceramic dodo bird by Matthaus Intricate and colorful marker drawing by Jazthri Moon and sun painting by Daniel Arroyo

In the Animal Instinct exhibition, three Abilities United artists pay homage to the animal kingdom through a wide range of mediums, from painting and photography to ceramic and mixed media sculpture. As Michael Broadhurst explains, “nature calls me to build a sanctuary for the wild animals.” A very prolific artist, the East Palo Alto artist continuously creates what can be seen as “portraits” of animals and supernatural creatures. The sanctuary Michael would like to build reminds us of the fragility of the animal kingdom, and our mission to protect it.

Whereas Michael Broadhurst essentially works on paper and canvas, Palo Alto-based artist Jazthri produces delicate birds created with found objects and recycled materials, transforming the banal into delicate floating marionettes. Also based in Palo Alto, Matthaus uses clay, paper and aluminum foil to create playful miniscenes and whimsical sculptures representing all sorts of animals.


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