When Michael first dropped in to Abilities United to show us his 30+ original painting, all of us were, to say the least, extremely impressed… actually blown away. His use of color is incredible. Vibrant colors in combinations that make his artwork pop with emotion and energy. His paintings of nature and animals are whimsical, creative and expressive yet powerful and realistic. He is inspired by and promotes the unity of life, the unity of humans and animals, the unity of the world and universe. He is also a lover of anime so many of his pieces are super human characters. He says he has painted 114 original works of art! And now we are privileged to showcase Michaels talents throughout the Peninsula and South Bay.
Art appreciators and art lovers are also impressed by Michaels talents. So much so in the last couple months Michael has sold 5 pieces of art. His “Giraffe in Africa” sold for $140 to Lisa Mancini, the Director of Aging and Adult Services for San Mateo County. The Transformers sold for $150 to the Abilities United auditor! His Flight of the Dragons, featured in the Abilities United 2012 calendar/annual report, sold for $275 to a woman who is giving it to her grandchild. Frankenstein meets the Wolfman sold for $200. And Paradise Ranch sold for $500 to a woman on the East Coast who is giving it as a Christmas gift! We were delighted to celebrate Michaels success with a bell-ringing moment at Abilities United, which included giving him over $1,000 in checks for these various works of art!
Michaels art has been exhibited at the San Mateo County Council on Disabilities art show and auction in October & November as well as the Abilities United Expo art showcase in November. Two of his pieces were featured at the Abilities United Authors Luncheon and each piece sold. In January and February, numerous pieces will be on display at Zoes Café in Menlo Park. We hope to find an anime oriented location to showcase his many anime pieces.
At the San Mateo County Council on Disabilities exhibit, Michael spoke to potential buyer/bidders about his artwork. He took the opportunity to speak to the crowd and explained a bit about himself and his artwork. He expressed appreciation for the services he receives at the ARC (in Daly City) and Abilities United. He drove it all home with a final sentence: “I’m the happiest man alive.”