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“I want to share some important news with you about how things are coming along and also our focus for the future and why this merger is so important.

First of all, we have an agreed-to contract and we’re planning to close on June 30th. We’re very close to doing that. Our teams have been working together for roughly 90 days on all the integration and work that has to happen behind the scenes to make sure we have a very smooth transition and that all the programs continue to operate without interruption.

We’ve had a lot of time to be getting to know one another and one thing that I want to share that I think is so powerful is how aligned our common mission is to serve individuals, to empower them to reach their full potential to be part of the community. And part of our motto is accept, respect, and include. It’s great to see our collective teams all carrying out that mission including all of our communities that support that. We’ve had a chance to talk a lot about why this is important for our two organizations.

I think the bottom line is we are better together. We bring ample and additional resources to ensure staff have the tools and resources they need to do their important work, to be able to innovate on programs sharing resources up and down the Peninsula. As you know Gatepath is primarily in San Mateo County, Abilities United primarily in Santa Clara County. And now with that reach we’re able to actually share a lot more around programs, employment partner relationships, community relationships, being able to offer more to the folks that we serve, and more opportunities for our staff. I’m excited about the future.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of the team at Abilities United. They’ve had an opportunity to meet the folks at Gatepath. The great thing is, we’re all doing the same incredible work with the same big heart and passion for the mission. When you have that as your core for what we’re doing, you can’t go wrong. 

We need you, the community, to still be involved in our mission. It’s the same mission as before. Nothing has changed on that. We’re excited to have become one team, with one goal, and one mission … together supporting the community that we care so much about.”

Bryan Neider, CEO of Gatepath