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On July 1, 2019, Abilities United became affiliated with Gatepath, ensuring individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties continue to receive important services and achieve their full potential.


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About Us

Abilities United advances advocacy, inclusion, and independence for people with developmental disabilities.
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Children and Families

Children achieve their full potential through early intervention, therapy, education, recreation, socialization, and extracurricular programs tailored to their unique needs.
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Adults and Families

Gain valuable life skills, access vocational and work opportunities, and develop a rich social life through employment, independent living, and social programs.
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Enrichment Services

Art, computer, aquatics, and respite programs enhance the lives of children and adults and help them maintain a healthy body and mind.
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Early Intervention

Early Intervention offers in-home education and therapy services for children from birth to three years old who have developmental delays or are at risk of delay, and their families.
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Enhance your child’s speech and language, motor skills, behavior, and other life skills through the power of physical, occupational, speech, and behavior therapy.
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Milestones Preschool

Milestones Preschool

A nurturing environment with a developmentally-based curriculum to cultivate the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of your child.
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Woman and man riding bikes on a fall afternoon with a big smile

Day Activities

Daily activities offers you a variety of educational, recreational, social, and vocational options to help you meet your personal goals.
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Independent Living Skills

One-on-one coaching helps you learn daily living skills, such as nutrition, money management, communication, and household management, to lead a rich, independent life.
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Young man working in an office

Employment Services

Skill assessment, job readiness, and job coaching to help you apply for jobs, find a job that fit your skills and interests, and maintain employment.
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Computer Education

Individualized lessons to develop and enhance your computer software, hardware, and Internet skills for work, school, and play.
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Art Program

Develop and share your creative talents and expression through exhibitions and classes held throughout the San Francisco Bay Area art community.
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