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therapy clinic

The Therapy Clinic offers quality developmental and therapeuticservices for children, for private pay, in a clinic setting. We believe in a family oriented, collaborative approach that emphasizes parent/caregiver involvement and partnership with other professionals who work with your child. Our therapists and staff are trained pediatric specialists with extensive experience and knowledge regarding resources and interventions for young children. In collaboration with other early childhood professionals, the Therapy Clinic will provide high quality therapeutic (occupational, physical, speech, vocational therapies) services that improve the quality of life for your child and family.


Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is provided by a licensed therapist when delay or difficulty with fine motor skills or sensory integration issues emerge. Therapy is accomplished through the use of “occupation” or purposeful activity. Specific techniques for treatment may also include adaptations such as changing the position of your child’s body or the work/play surface; direct sensory stimulation; or breaking tasks down into step-by-step progression of skill development.

In occupational therapy, the focus is often on the development of fine motor skills and foundations for fine motor development such as: functional stability and positioning of the body to adequately support the arms and hands during activities, hand development, manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, and sensory motor integration.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is provided by a licensed physical therapist experienced in pediatrics, when a delay or difficulty with gross motor skills has been determined.

Gross motor skills are those that require the larger muscles of the body to hold postures, as well as move the body about in space. The physical therapist can work hands on to: facilitate stability of the body, movement, and new motor patterns; help keep joints moving freely and aligned in their best position; help with proper positioning; determine motor activities for home or in the classroom; and help in assessing the need for special equipment or splints.

Speech therapy

Individual speech-language therapy is provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist. Speech-language therapy involves activities to facilitate speech and language development. These activities may focus on pre-verbal requisite skills such as paying attention, understanding cause-effect, imitation, turn-taking, and exploring and showing interest in the environment. Since feeding problems are often predictive of later oral speech difficulties, feeding and oral-motor activities are often a big part of a child’s speech therapy program.

The one-to-one sessions allow the parent and therapist to work with the child and strengthen the communication system he or she is using. It also gives the child a structured environment to “practice” these skills. The communication and language skills that a child is acquiring and using are continually addressed and facilitated during the child’s developmental group experiences, as well as during the individual sessions.

Evaluations (speech and occupational therapy)

Evaluations are conducted to determine areas of delay and possible strategies for intervention.

Speech and Language Evaluations

The Therapy Clinic offers comprehensive speech and language assessments, which measure your child’s overall skills in speech, language and communication and help you set goals and establish treatment plans. We also offer area-specific speech assessment, which focuses on a particular part of speech development such as articulation or oral motor skills.

Occupational Therapy Evaluations

The Therapy Clinic offers comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations, which can includesensory integration assessments and/or fine motor assessments.

A sensory integration assessment allows the therapist to determine how your child is responding to sensory input and to design a specific treatment program to address identified concerns.

Fine motor assessments provide an evaluation of your child’s fine motor skills including but not limited to:

  • pre-kindergarten assessment
  • bi-manual skills
  • eye-hand coordination
  • visual perceptual skills
  • overall core strength
  • range of motion and muscle tone

Behavior consultations

Like many children, your child may experience difficult behaviors that affect their performance at school, home, or other environments. Generally these behaviors are typical developmental phases that your child will outgrow, but at other times the behavior may seem more complex, or present you with challenges that you have trouble solving without support. Our experienced educators are available to work with you and your child at your home or school (or other locations) to observe situations where unusual or difficult behaviors may be seen. We will work with you to put together a plan to address the concern.

Sleep consultations

Sleep consultations are performed in a meeting or phone call with you, to discuss your child’s relevant medical and sleep background/patterns. We also discuss techniques that you have already utilized and what strategies are appropriate for your child’s development. Once we have collected this history, we will develop your child’s individual report/plan. You will have regular contact with the specialist so you can report which strategies are working and discuss changes that need to be made based on success or failure of the plan.

Preschool/school site observations

We schedule preschool and school site visits when your child is having a difficult time in their school setting. Things you may be concerned with are lack of focus and attention, behavioral problems, developmental concerns noted by their teacher (or others), problems sitting still, and/or general developmental concerns noted by the parent or teacher.

Mental health and counseling

Mental Health assistance for your family may include a vast array of services from resources to counseling and therapy. We address your family’s unique needs. Your information is kept confidential.

Getting Started

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