donate Abilities United supports children and adults with disabilities, their families and the community, and champions a culture in which all members of society are included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.


Abilities United ensures that thousands of people with developmental and physical disabilities fully participate in community life. But we can't do this alone; we believe in the collective power of this community to keep participants actively engaged in their community. Our partners offer opportunities for Abilities United participants to engage in educational, employment, recreational, and social activities to further enrich their lives with personal, meaningful experiences.


In partnership with California's Department of Rehabilitation, Abilities United provides employment services for people with developmental, physical or learning disabilities.

Benefits to Employers
As an employer, you can benefit from a well-matched job placement through Abilities United Employment Services. As a community leader, you can simultaneously provide an important work opportunity to someone who is skilled and motivated and also has a disability. With a focus on personalized services, our ultimate goal is to help individuals obtain and retain employment in jobs that utilize their their skills, experiences, and interests while providing skilled staff for local employers.

The employee performance qualities you can expect include:

  • Dedication
  • Loyalty
  • Strong work ethic
  • Positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm

Hiring Options

When you directly hire a participant from Abilities United Employment Services, he or she will receive coaching from a Abilities United job coach. To support a new employee's initial training and adjustment to the work environment, we will provide up to 100% job coaching. Once the individual is comfortable at his/her job, the coaching hours typically are reduced to about 20% of the employee's work hours.

If you would like to establish a group partnership with Abilities United, we will provide a team of well-trained employees and will fund 100% of their supervision by an Abilities United supervisor.

You can also enable job-readiness through skill assessments. An individual who is preparing for employment will do a temporary work practice on location at your business while an Abilities United trainer assesses his/her skills and work behaviors.

How To Get Started

As a potential employer, you can benefit from a well-matched job placement through Abilities United Employment Services.

For more information, contact:

Jeff Weber (Santa Clara inquiries)
Adult Services Manager
Phone: (650) 618-3303
Fax: (650) 855-9710

Anne-Marie Green (San Mateo inquiries)
Adult Services Manager 
Phone: (650) 618-3323
Fax: (650) 855-9710


Community Connections partners provide volunteer opportunities for individuals in our Adult Services program

Community Volunteers

  • Professional horticultural therapists hold small classes at the wheelchair accessible Abilities United Heritage Garden to teach individuals about growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  • Art for Well Beings offers art lessons to children and adults.
  • Benny Points provides graphic design services.

Educational Institutions

  • Stanford Medical Center partners with Early Intervention to educate residents about early intervention services and enable them to see a center-based, family focused site.
  • San Jose State University utilizes Early Intervention and Milestones Preschool as teacher training sites for their Early Childhood Special Education program.
  • Kidpower teaches bullying prevention, child abuse prevention, stranger awareness, and personal safety to adults.

Professional Organizations

If you would like to become an Abilities United partner, please contact Charlie Weidanz, Chief Executive Officer at 650-494-0550 or email.


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