Abilities United supports children and adults with disabilities, their families and members of the community, and champions a culture in which all members of society are included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.

Children's Developmental Services


education and therapy for children, support for families

Welcome to Children’s Development Services! We look forward to working with you to provide a broad range of services focused on the education, development, and growth of your child and family. Our Children’s Development Services ensures that children and their caregivers learn the techniques and skills necessary to meet the opportunities and challenges that a family may encounter.

About Children’s Development Services

Since 1963 we have been recognized for providing comprehensive childhood services and support. Our collaborative team of professional trained therapists and educators work together and with other agencies to deliver our high quality services. Each of our staff members has extensive experience and knowledge regarding resources, services, and interventions for children and their families.

Who Do We Serve?

Children’s Development Services provides a broad range of services to children, from birth to 9 years of age, and to their families. 

Why Children’s Services?

Our team of dedicated and passionate educators and therapists strive to meet each family’s needs by valuing the role each person plays individually, in their family, and within the community.

Services Offered: 

Early Intervention


Therapy Clinic


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