donate Abilities United supports children and adults with disabilities, their families and the community, and champions a culture in which all members of society are included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.


Abilities United is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded through a combination of public and private support including California Department of Rehabilitation, the Regional Centers, City of Palo Alto, City of Sunnyvale, fundraising events, and gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

83% of our annual budget goes to direct services.  You can view our most recent 990 and other financial reports or request our final audited financial statements.


Our local community is critical to the health of our organization and to the well being of the people we serve. We are grateful for the generous support of thousands of individuals and organizations that have invested in the individuals at Abilities United in FY 2010/2011.

VisionariesBenefactors Leaders Achievers Investors Sustainers Supporters Memorials Honorariums Corporations/Foundations/Civic  Caring Circle Members20 Years +




* indicates member of the
   Abilities United Caring Circle
+ indicates donor for 10 -19 years
++ indicates donor for 20+ years

visionaries $50,000 +

Jacqueline S. Thielen Living Trust *++
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benefactors $25,000-$49,999

Anonymous +
Ballard Estate Fund
Laurie T. Jarrett *++
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leaders $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous +
Carrie Anderson
Nasrallah and Eqbal Behbehani
Wallace and Thomas Brunner
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich *+
Christina Kenrick *+
Adam and Rachel Paley +
Melinda and Stan Parry *+
Bud Rubin *+
Carol and Mike Shealy
Elizabeth Wolf *+
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achievers $5,000-$9,999

David and Liz Bell
Debbie and Jeff Byron *+
Mike and Beth Connor *++
Lynn and Jim Gibbons ++
Geri Hadley and Ronald Coté *++
Jennifer Wagstaff Hinton
Anna and Duane Kalar ++
Philip Letts *+
Elizabeth and Mark Moragne *+
Antje and Paul Newhagen
Eric Rosen
Richard Sapp
Maddy and Isaac Stein *++
Sandi and John Thompson
Ellen and Mike Turbow *++
Susan and Sanjay Vaswani ++
Patty and Jim White *+
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilsey
Brenda and Bill Younger
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investors $1,000-$4,999

Edward Acton
Gil and Kim Ahrens
Beth and Fred Alvarez
Janice and William Anderson
Mary Anderson and Salvador Gutierrez
Mary Lynn Ashburn +
Susie and Doug Barton +
Georgia Bennicas
Frank Berry, Jr.
Bruce Bingham
Shirley K. Bob ++
Carolyn and Richard Brennan *++
Marcie and Chet Brown ++
Park and Joan Chamberlain +
Elaine Chan
Linda and Ray Chin *
Gail and Bruce Chizen
Claudia Claussen
Gary and Sue Conway ++
A. Cooley
Tom and Neva Cotter +
Amy and Jeff Crowe +
Peggy and Yogen Dalal
The Honorable Alden E. Danner and Mrs. Ann Danner
Rick and Amanda Dill
Mary and Stan Doten *+
Nancy Drapkin ++
Olga and John Dunlop
Tom Dunlop
Richard Dvorak and Erin Craig +
Deborah and John Eastburn
Linda and Jerry Elkind +
Mrs. Shirley R. Ely *++
Rosemary and Alain Enthoven *++
Gregory Evans
James McClelland and Heidi Feldman, M.D. *
Geraldine Flanagan-Weir +
Jennifer and Sam Foster
Julie Fouquet and George Zdasiuk
Henry and Phyllis Gauthier ++
Patricia and Tom Gebhart
Lyrel Gillette
Kit Gordon
Debbie and David Goren
Deborah and Russ Hall
Sara and Mike Hammond +
Susan and Harry Hartzell, Jr. *++
Eleanor and Bruce Heister +
David and Alice Herbst +
Priscilla Hexter +
Stacey Keare and John Hodge
Darel and Janine Hodgson +
Leannah Hunt ++
Pat Irish *
Mark Jensen ++
Ellen Jones +
Kathleen Justice-Moore and Steven Moore
Kristin Kerman
Jere and Bern King
James Marks and Patricia Kinney ++
Elizabeth and Richard Kniss +
Hal and Iris Korol, Ph.D.+
Carolyn Krizek-Mahoney
Dorothy Lazier +
Sue and Richard Levy ++
Carol Leynse +
Dale Liebes
Jean and Ian Link +
Chris and Dan Logan *+
Chris and Melody Malachowsky
Roxane Marenberg
Juanita Mast and Jeanne Durnford *+
Jim Meikrantz and Carol Whiteley
Steven and Jo Mitchell
Karen Moore and Peter Watkins *
Richard and Carol Doup Muller +
Lee and Merrill Newman *+
Carol Olson
Betty and Donald Ostrus, D.D.S. *++
Jane Paulson *+
Fabian Pease
Roger and Caroline Pease
Randall and Cynthia Pond +
Betty and Andris Ramans ++
Gina and Michael Rayfield *+
Anne and Christopher Ream +
Bill Reller ++
Judith and David Richardson *++
David Ritson +
Barbara and Michael Ruder ++
Daniel and Lynne Russell +
Monetta and Cary Salsberg ++
Emily Scheinman
Dianne P. Schilling ++
Jessie Schilling *+
Cynthia Schwabacher-Jamplis
Rachel and Simon Segars
Leonard Shustek and Donna Dubinsky ++
Bob and Allene Sieling +
The Sinha Family
Ellen and Dennis Smith
BJ Sorensen ++
Joe and Christine Stafford *+
Peggy and Art Stauffer *
Lynda Steele *+
Bonnie and Jay Tenenbaum
Michael and Margie Scott Tucker
James Van Zoeren
Anne Vitullo and Jonathan Poe +
Beth and Kurt von Emster *+
Lisa Wan
Mary Weersing ++
Diane Wexler and Bruce Beron
Mary Rosalia and James Whitehead
Terry and Carol Hutner Winograd +
Wanda and Larry Wong
Kimberly Wood
Larry Yu
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sustainers $500-$999

Ellen and Tom Abels +
Mrs. Anne Heller Anderson +
Leslie Ballinger
Wendy and Bader Behbehani
Jon and June Boucher +
Liz Bowman +
Imogene and Frederick Chancellor ++
Josephine Chien
Nancy and William Cohen ++
Doug and Donna Constance
Karen Copeland
Hank V. Cox +
James Cox +
Melanie and Peter Cross
John and Mary Dahlquist ++
Gordon and Carolyn Davidson ++
Anne Debattista
Ann and Bob DeBusk +
Kaui and Peter DeMarzo
Christina R. Dickerson
Dwight Diercks
Dennis and Cindy Dillon ++
Karen and David Dolkas +
Beverly and Charles Donohue
Margaret Dorfman +
Karen and Alan Douglass ++
Jeanne Duisenberg
Shannon and Thomas Fallon
Scott Fink and Kathy Klein
Jeff and Edith Fisher +
Ann and Alan Fleishman *+
Jerianne Foley *++
Anne and Buzz Frahn
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, M.D. *++
Judith and Monty Frost ++
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Fujimoto
Nancy and Rick Goldcamp
Anne and Ken Graham
Michele and Michael Greenfield, M.D.
Robert A. Grimm
Barbara and Michael Gross
Patricia and Jess Gutierrez
Ron Haak +
Alexander Haedrich ++
Mary Hiland, Ph.D.
James and Joi Horowitz +
Sara and Ricardo Jenez
J. Kannegaard and P. Sandoval ++
Elizabeth Roth and Ronald Katz
Frances and Milton Klein *+
Stanley Schrier and Barbara Klein
Kevin Kranzusch
Gigi Kubursi
Amy and Stephen Kwan
Judy and Nick Larsen
Laura and Gary Lauder +
Kyu and Young Lee +
Ron D. Little, II +
Dr. Irene Loe
Robert Marks, D.D.S.
David F. Martin +
Theresa McDonald and Nelson Ishiyama +
Mr. Forrest and Dr. Heidi McHugh Pendleton +
Sally and Brian Mickel
Matt and Nicole Miller
John Moran and Brigitte Schiller-Moran
Linda Mornell
Leslie and Douglas Murphy-Chutorian +
Arabella and George Napier
Valerie Newman +
Paul and Liz Nyberg
Mo Olson
Carolyn Orida
Jill and Geoffrey Parker +
Nancy and Bill Parker *++
Margery and William Quackenbush ++
Paula and Michael Rantz
Kathy and Gary Reback
Kristi Allen Ristow +
Joe and Linda Roark ++
Dave Rusconi
Sherri Sager
Elaine Sitterson and Ben Roschke
Arthur Soerjohadi
Una Stephens-Hardy +
Lisen Stromberg and William Rossi
Debra Summers
Judy Tam ++
Douglas Tao
Colleen and Geoff Tate
Clinton Tobias ++
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turk ++
Konrad and Marilyn von Emster +
Virginia D. Waik ++
Mara and Rick Wallace
Richard and Patricia Weaver
Deborah and Peter Wexler
Donna and Bruce Whitson ++
Howard and Kat Wolf +
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supporters $250-$499

Diana Adle +
Maya Ahcorn
Nidia Alduncin
Jeanne and Mike Althouse +
Edward and Lois Anderson ++
Carol and Ray Bacchetti +
Matthew Bannick
Penelope and Patrick Barrett ++
Gwen Barry +
Michael Barry
Karen Bartholomew
Louise and Stuart Beattie +
Betsy Bechtel +
Jim and Dee Bettinger +
Ann and Peter Bjorklund ++
Heather Bracken
Deborah Briber
Pat and Jerry Brodkey
Beth Ann Brown
Shari and Terry Burkoth
Patricia J. Campbell *++
Ms. and Mr. Karen Canty, Jr.++
Mary Ann Carmack, M.D. and Rodney L. Derbyshire +
Louise Cheng
Ka Man Louise Cheung
Ann and Patrick Ciganer
Katie Clancy ++
Anne and Terry Clark +
Manford Costello
Linda Craig ++
Drs. William and Lucy Crain
Anne-Ly Crump-Garay, D.D.S.++
Bridget Davis
Donne Davis
Jean and Dexter Dawes ++
John and Ruth DeVries ++
Erin and Adam Dolinko
Karen and Bruce Douglas
Ann Draper
Edma Dumanian
Elizabeth and Peter Dumanian +
John Dusterberry ++
Bettina Eichel
Gil Ellenberger ++
The Ely Family +
Fran Escherich ++
Maya Escudero and Coralie Allen
Esther Fan and Richard Twoy
Silvia Fedor
Cathy and Todd Fernandez
Carrie Fischer
Cynthia and Bill Floyd ++
Janis Fong
Nanette Freedland
Eileen and Alvaro Freyre
Karen Gaydon and Geoff Badger *+
Jean and Robert Gee +
Betsy Gifford *+
Martha Girdlestone
Barbara and John Glynn +
Karen Goldin +
Janet and Wylie Greig +
Michael Griffin
Debbie Gross
Ruth and Ben Hammett ++
Tom and Carolyn Harder ++
Margie and Bob Harrington ++
Arlen Hartounian
Elizabeth and Greg Hartwell
Virginia Henke
Toni and Michael Heren ++
Tracy and Maie Herrick
Cindy Hess
Robbie and Jim Hill
Myron and Linda Hollister ++
Betsy and Stephen Holquist
Doug Huestis
Laddie Hughes +
Susan and Joel Hyatt +
Scott and Julie Jackson +
Anna and Rudolph Jaklitsch, Jr.+
Paula Jones and Rick Coverdale
Ganesh Kadaba
Kathleen and John Kelly
Dr. Steven P. Ketchpel
Gail and Fred Kittler
Jennifer Knestrick
Helen Knofloch ++
Vicki and Paul Kojola *++
Digvijay Kulkarni
Vicki LaBoskey +
Rene Lacerte
Harish Lakhani
David W. Lang +
Keith and Karen Lantz
Barbara Leighton and Philip Green
Louise Levy +
Boon Lim
Doris Lin
Janet Littlefield +
Lori Livingston
Julia and Matthew Longnecker
Kelsey and Matthew Lundsten
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Madding
Bernice and Anthony Malizia
Pilar Manjarrez
Carol and Nubar Manoukian
Peter Maresca and Linnea Wickstrom
Karen and Bruce McCaul ++
Deirdre McHugh ++
Joan M. Meyers +
Ed and Sumaya Miner
Maureen and Jim Missett
Siv Modler
Sue Monjauze *+
Don and Julie Moseman +
Vivian and Shahe Moutafian
Tracy Neistadt
Ann Nelson ++
Peter Nguyen
Sheraden Nicholau
Louise E. Noble and Jack A. Lutzow ++
Peggy and Boyce Nute ++
Drs. Rhoda and Stephen Nutik
Amanda Oakson
Allen and Erika Odian
Judy Paulson
Eva and Siegfried Pfendt
Laurie and Duane Phillips
Helene Pier ++
Kathy and John Radford
Mary Radu and Richard Auger +
Teri and Keith Raffel
Amber and William Ramey
Ann Rando
John Recker
Gordon Reetz and Susan Lee
Marcia and Frederick Rehmus +
Carolyn Rogers and Tom Stepiens
Toomi Rogers
Catherine and Glenn Rosen
Barbara and Andrew Rosenberg +
Ferrell and Page Sanders ++
Mary E. Savoie
Kenneth Severson
Ronald Meckler and Bella Shapero
Ellen Shay and Ted Selker
Sharon and Dennis Sheehan
Ricky Shum
Kathryn and Ujjwal Singh
Wendy and Doug Sinton
Carol and Gail Siri ++
Peter Skarpelos
Alice Smith
Ann Warren Smith +
Chalmers Smith +
Stephen and Paula Smith
Margot Parker and Joel Spolin +
Diana Stanton
Ralph and Sue Stern
Bonnie and Lee Stone
Phil and Sara Sunshine
Marilyn Sutorius ++
Susan Swezey ++
Diane and R. Scott Tavenner
Windy and Ryan Twelves
James Twiddy
Marian and Jeffrey Urman ++
Janet and Hal Van Zoeren ++
Joe and Linda Vargas +
Jeremy and Andi Vartanian Dehne
Meta K. Wagstaff ++
Celia Walker +
Jacqueline Walker
Janet Walworth and George Hohnsbeen +
Jean Wang
Mimi A. Webb ++
Anne and Larry Wein
Phyllis Willits
Kingsley and Lansing Wood
Barbara and John Woods ++
Emily Wu
Thomas B. Wylegala +
Jia-Ning Xiang and Lijun Xiang
Vickie and Larry Yamaoka
Roger and Sandra Young
Ann and Geoff Ziman +
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corporations, foundations, and civic organizations

7-11 Stores
Access Community Resources Day Program
Action Laminates
Adobe Systems
African City Alive
Agilent Technologies
American Express
America's Best Martial Arts of Sunnyvale
Amgen Foundation
Antonio's Nut House
Apple, Inc.+
Ara and Edma Dumanian Foundation
Arrillaga Family Foundation ++
Autism Speaks
Bay Area Prostheodontics
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Blackstone Discovery
Bloomingdale's +
Blue Oak Foundation *+
Books Inc.
Boston Private Bank
Brick Monkey
C.M. Capital Foundation
CA Technologies
Cafe Zoe
Cameron Veterinary Hospital
Camino Pharmacy
Captain Kirk’s San Francisco Sailing +
C'est Se Bon Bakery & Cafe
Charitable Auto Resources Inc.
Chevron U.S.A, Inc.
Chic Alterations & Cleaners
Cisco Systems Foundation +
City of Palo Alto
City of Sunnyvale
Civic Ventures
College Access Foundation of California
CueTopia Billiard Cafe
DaVita, Inc.
Diaz-Olson Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, Inc.
Drapkin California Charitable Foundation
Dudley-Vehmeyer-Brown Memorial Foundation ++
Estate of Raymond and Dorothy Kelley
Fat Tire Foundation
Fino Fino
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto ++
Ford Land Company, LLC
GE Foundation
Golf Club at Boulder Ridge
Golfland Entertainment Centers
Google, Inc.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Grant & Gordon, LLP
H. Butler's Bar•B•Q
Haddock Stanton Foundation
Hewlett Packard Foundation ++
Hitz Foundation
Home Consignment Center Los Altos
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Intuit Foundation +
Ivy & Truman Auto
Jacqueline S. Thielen *++
Kiwanis Club of Los Altos
Kiwanis Club of Mountain View ++
Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto ++
Knights of Columbus #2677 +
Leonidou & Rosin
Leslie Family Foundation
Lockheed Martin Employees' Foundation ++
Master Metal Products Co.
Maximart Pharmacy
Mike's One Hour Cleaning
Moreno & Associates
Morrison & Foerster Foundation +
Mulcahy Family Dentistry *
New India Market
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Nuveen Investments
Olive Garden
Oracle +
Pacific Gas & Electric - Campaign for the Community
Palo Alto Congregational Foundation
Palo Alto Medical Foundation +
Palo Alto Pizza
Palo Alto Weekly ++
Peninsula Parlor
Pfizer Foundation
Phil Howard Repair
Polycom, Inc.
Pro Temp Accounting Solutions
Qualcomm Foundation
Rack N Road
Sally Rathman Kadifa & Abdo George Kadifa - The Rathmann Family Foundation *+
Richard M. Scrushy Charitable Foundation
Rotary Club of Cupertino Foundation
San Daminano Daily Giving
San Mateo Credit Union
Sand Hill Foundation +
SaveMart Supermarkets
SLR Graphic Signs
Sobrato Family Foundation ++
SRI International ++
Stella B. Gross Charitable Trust
Structural Design Solutions
Sunnyvale Cafe
The Boris and Vera Bogart Foundation
Thermo Fisher
United Way Silicon Valley ++
USAgain, LLC
VMware Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation *++
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati Foundation ++
Woodside Atherton Garden Club
Woodside Gallery
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gifts were given in memory of the following

Carl W. Anderson
Ceily Arellanes
Florence Cooley Armstrong
Nellie Austin
Richard Bartolotti
Bo Rachel Bennett
Robert Bonnici
Joanne Bracco
Marian and John Bracken, Sr.
Marian Bracken
Mary Brigandi
Robin Robinson
Connie Carsten
Harry Coblentz
Elsa Covell
Charlie Dean
Sylvia Feldman
Grace M. Foley
Brian Frostman
David "Super-Dave" Hahn
Cissy Hansen
Bill Hardy
Benjamin Hartzell
Fred Hawley
Monica Hayes
George F. Hexter, M.D.
Robert N. Janopaul
Jim Jarrett
Audrey Johnston
Robert A. Jones
Dr. Mark Klein
Steve Liebes
Renato G. Martinez
Bruce Matthai
Jeff McDaniel
Jimmy Montgomery
Boyd C. Paulson, Jr.
James Pease
Francis Perry
Bill Poulson
William Sidney Poulson
Don Quackenbush
Sara Richter
Sara Richter
Christy Rodgers
Harriet Romesburg
Priya Sadrozinski
Sylvia Salomon
Marlene Saloner
Ralph Scheer
Robert J. Smith
Marian Spangler
Gary Stark
Sandra Tandler
Jackie Thielen
Martha Thompson
John Trautmann
Matthew Turbow
Marcus Turk
Barry Wallace
Patricia H. Weigen
John A. Wilson
Hans Wolf
Betty Wright
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gifts were given in celebration or in honor of

Abilities United Staff
Florence E. Armstrong
Laura Ayala
Barbara and Doug Ayer
Leslie Ballinger
Peter Beckh
Shirley Bob
Brendan Bracken
John M. Bracken, Sr.
Carolyn and Dick Brennan
Patricia Byron
Robin Robinson and Carolyn Caddes
Marie Cardema
David and Julia Colella Carver
Vladimir Choubabko
Tine Cote
Sona Dill
Bryce Dolinko
Karen Dolkas
Nancy Drapkin
D. Savoie D. Duffie
Elizabeth Dumanian
Judy Dunbar
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich
Bryce Facchino
Amy C. Fong
Nick Golick
Hannah Gonzales
Mrs. Blanche Greutert
Ron Coté and Geri Hadley
Molly and Jeramy Hale
Sarah Hansen
Susan and Harry Hartzell, Jr.
Monica Hayes
Alice and David Herbst
Jane and Jennifer Hinton
Clay Holquist
Betty Howell
Patty Irish
Jim and Laurie Jarrett
Tracey Jarrett
Bob and Ellen Jones
Paula Jones and Rick Coverdale
Christina Kenrick
Sandi Kerwin
Jere and Bern King
Michael Korn
Iris and Hal Korol
Lisa Krogh
Madeleine Laliberte
Choong P. Lee
Chris and Dan Logan
Y GBO Group
Bruce Matthai
Dash McMichael
Julie Mills
John Moran
Anita Morer and Hank Sterngold
Martin Odian
Rho Henry Olaisen
Boyd C. Paulson, Jr.
Jane Paulson
Julie Paulson
Kelly Paulson
Charlie Pellegrin
Patti Plummer
Julie and Scott Porter
Eriks Ramans
The Rayfield Family
Hope Raymond
Roepke Family
Andrew Romzek
Donna and Harry Sachrison
Priya Sadrozinski
Suzanne Smith
Nathan MacKenzie and Morgan Pozzi
Lynda Steele
JP Stephenson
Jackie Thielen
Shari Tobias
Ellen and Michael Turbow Family
Robin Turk
Patrick Tweedie
Cynthia Van Zoeren
The von Emster family
Dr. John Weigen
Kelby Wiersch
Hans and Elizabeth Wolf
Kelly Wong
Wanda Wong
Martha Wood
Betty Wright
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Abilities United salutes our caring circle members

Legacy Donors
Martin M. Berndt
Carolyn and Richard Brennan
Carolyn Caddes and Robin Robinson
Patricia J. Campbell
Linda and Ray Chin
Mike and Beth Connor
Marla J. de Broekert
Carrie Drake
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich
Linda and John L. Elman, J.D., CLU
Heidi M. Feldman
Bonnie MacKenzie Flanagan
Jerianne Foley
Karen Gaydon and Geoff Badger
David and Mary Goodman
Geri Hadley and Ronald Coté
Harry and Susan Hartzell
Robert and Ruthann Herendeen
Pat Irish
Jacqueline S. Thielen Living Trust
Laurie and Jim Jarrett
Vicki and Paul Kojola
Wendy Kuehnl and Porfirio Ortiz
Terry Lachenbruch
Ginny Langmuir
Phyllis Leveen
Chris and Dan Logan
Juanita Mast
Sue Monjauze
Karen Moore and Peter Watkins
Donald Ostrus, D.D.S.
David Parry
Jane Paulson
Richard Pospisil
William and Ann Poulson
Gina and Michael Rayfield
Judith and David Richardson
Bud Rubin
Lynda Steele
Maddy and Isaac Stein
Heloise and Howard Stewart
Daren and Mitchell Tuchman
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Beth and Kurt von Emster
Mary Ellen White-Vondran
Christine Wyborn
Endowment Donors
Anne N. Baldwin
Blue Oak Foundation
John M. Bracken
Carolyn and Richard Brennan
Debbie and Jeff Byron
Carolyn Caddes and Robin Robinson
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Moses and Allyson Cesario
Linda and Ray Chin
Mike and Beth Connor
Marla J. de Broekert
Mary and Stan Doten
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich
Linda and John L. Elman, J.D., CLU
Mrs. Shirley R. Ely
Rosemary and Alain Enthoven
Estate of Martha W. Thompson
Ruth Emily Fish
Ann and Alan Fleishman
Jerianne Foley
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, M.D.
Karen Gaydon and Geoff Badger
Gerald A. Carter Special Needs Trust
Betsy Gifford
David and Mary Goodman
Joe Graham
Susan and Michael Hahn
Harry and Susan Hartzell
Robert and Ruthann Herendeen
Charles and Joan Horngren
Tim and Sally Howard
Pat Irish
Jacqueline S. Thielen Living Trust
Laurie and Jim Jarrett
Nancy and David Kalkbrenner
Suzanne Keith
Christina Kenrick
Frances and Milton Klein
Vicki and Paul Kojola
Terry Lachenbruch
Ginny Langmuir
Philip Letts
Phyllis Leveen
Jack and Sharon Levin
Chris and Dan Logan
Juanita Mast
Donald and Amalie Meyer
Cathy Crane Moley
Sue Monjauze
Elizabeth and Mark Moragne
Tami and Timothy Mulcahy
Lee and Merrill Newman
Donald Ostrus, D.D.S.
Nancy and Bill Parker
Polly and Hank Parker
Melinda and Stan Parry
Jane Paulson
Nancy and Steve Player
William and Ann Poulson
Public Welfare Foundation
Sally Rathman Kadifa & Abdo George Kadifa - The Rathmann Family Foundation
Gina and Michael Rayfield
Bill Reller
Judith and David Richardson
Jessie Schilling
Carol McIntosh and Larry Seiders
Pearl Anne Seipp
Joe and Christine Stafford
Peggy and Art Stauffer
Lynda Steele
Maddy and Isaac Stein
Stenn Family Foundation
Heloise and Howard Stewart
The Hans & Elizabeth Wolf Foundation
TOSA Foundation
Daren and Mitchell Tuchman
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Beth and Kurt von Emster
John F. Weigen, MD
Wells Fargo Foundation
Patty and Jim White
Elizabeth Wolf
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Abilities United salutes our donors who have supported us for 20 years or more. Thank you for your ongoing belief in Abilities United and our mission.

John and Anne Ackerman
Adobe Systems
Glenn and Lorna Affleck
Mary Akers
Edward and Lois Anderson
Mary E. Anderson
Paul Anderson
William and Gisele Aronson
Arrillaga Family Foundation
Peg Austin
Penelope and Patrick Barrett
Richard A. Baumgartner
Adele and Bill Behn
Martin M. Berndt
Sue and Allan Bernstein
Keith and Frances Bickford
John and Lu Bingham
Ann and Peter Bjorklund
Shirley K. Bob
Barbara and Charles Bonini
Michael and Susan Bratman
Carolyn and Richard Brennan
Mary Brenneisen
Marcie and Chet Brown
Patricia J. Campbell
Drs. Irene and Walter Cannon
Ms. and Mr. Karen Canty, Jr.
Mary and Paul Carlson
Imogene and Frederick Chancellor
Chevron U.S.A, Inc.
Julie and Calvin Chow
Ted and Ginny Chu
Katie Clancy
Jean Coblentz
Laura Cohen
Nancy and William Cohen
Mike and Beth Connor
Gary and Sue Conway
Patricia and Douglas Corl
Linda Craig
Anne-Ly Crump-Garay, D.D.S.
John and Mary Dahlquist
Darsha Davidoff and Donald Drumright
Gordon and Carolyn Davidson
Laurie Davis
Jean and Dexter Dawes
Robert and Donna De Vries
Terri and Con Dempsey
Harry and Susan Dennis
John and Ruth DeVries
Dennis and Cindy Dillon
Roanne Doll
Karen and Alan Douglass
Nancy Drapkin
Dudley-Vehmeyer-Brown Memorial Foundation
Jean Dugan
Jeanne Duisenberg
John Dusterberry
Mary Jane Edwards
Gil Ellenberger
Mrs. Shirley R. Ely
Rosemary and Alain Enthoven
Charlotte S. Epstein
Fran Escherich
Gail and Nick Farwell
Li-Hu Feng
Jerd and Arlene Ferraiuolo
Paul Fink and Anita Sande
Diane and Solon Finkelstein
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto
Pamela and Kevin Fish
Cynthia and Bill Floyd
Jerianne Foley
Richard and Corkie Freeman
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, M.D.
Judith and Monty Frost
Henry and Phyllis Gauthier
Lynn and Jim Gibbons
Rona Giffard
David and Mary Goodman
Anne W. Greiner
Geri Hadley and Ronald Coté
Alexander Haedrich
Ruth and Ben Hammett
David and Shirley Hammond
William and Joan Hancock
Mary Louise and Anthony Hanley
Tom and Carolyn Harder
Margie and Bob Harrington
Lynn Hart
Susan and Harry Hartzell, Jr.
Toni and Michael Heren
Ruthann and Robert Herendeen
Hewlett Packard Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Hinman
Joe and Bette Hirsch
Myron and Linda Hollister
Julius and Ruth Honig
Nancy and Joseph Huber
Leannah Hunt
Mary Ives Harrison
Jacqueline S. Thielen Living Trust
Laurie T. Jarrett
Janice and Steven Jarrett
Mark Jensen
Henry S. Magnuski and Cynthia Jose
Andrea G. Julian
Zelda A. Jury
Anna and Duane Kalar
J. Kannegaard and P. Sandoval
Patricia and Donald Kassner
Ron and Tobye Kaye
Carol and Don Kenyon
James Marks and Patricia Kinney
Kiwanis Club of Mountain View
Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto
Helen Knofloch
Vicki and Paul Kojola
Barbara and Michael Korn
Cecile Kresse
Aysun Kundupoglu
Judy Leahy
Phyllis Leveen
Ginger and Doug Levick, III
Sue and Richard Levy
Pat and Anthony Ley
Ann and George Limbach
Lockheed Martin Employees' Foundation
Jennie Madlem
Marion and Joseph Mandell
Tom and Bonni Marantette
Barbara and Alan Marcum
John and Polly Marion
Ann and Bob Markevitch
Karen and Bruce McCaul
Richard and Dianne McDonnell
Deirdre McHugh
Ted and Peggy McKee
Helga and Bob Medearis
Bob Meltzer
Mary Ann Michel
Lynn and Dave Mitchell
Jim and Helen Montgomery
Barbara and George Morris
Margaret and Frank Morrow
Joyce Moser
Socorro Esther and Subhash Narang
Ann Nelson
Louise E. Noble and Jack A. Lutzow
Sally and Craig Nordlund
Peggy and Boyce Nute
Corinne A. Oberlin
Beverly and William Oldfield, Jr.
Betty and Donald Ostrus, D.D.S.
Palo Alto Weekly
Lorna and Donn Parker
Nancy and Bill Parker
Polly and Hank Parker
Robert and Joan Patch
Joseph Pearlman
Helen Pellegrin
Ruth Peters
John Petrilla
Helene Pier
Richard and Jeanne Placone
William and Ann Poulson
Margery and William Quackenbush
Frank and Annette Rahn
Betty and Andris Ramans
Bill Reller
Kay and Donald Remsen
Judith and David Richardson
Joe and Linda Roark
Kirk and Janet Roberts
Gwendolyn Rogers
Fran Rominger
Sarah L. Ross
Irwin and Frances Roth
Barbara and Michael Ruder
Monetta and Cary Salsberg
Ferrell and Page Sanders
Jan and Vic Schachter
Geraldine Scheer
Dianne P. Schilling
Kathy and John Schniedwind, Jr.
Ellen and Marvin Schwartz
Alicia and James Seebold
Christine and P. K. Segerhammar
Carol McIntosh and Larry Seiders
Doris Sencenbaugh
Pat and Jim Sharp
Rita Sheinin
Rose G. Shewbridge
Leonard Shustek and Donna Dubinsky
Edgar Simons
Carol and Gail Siri
Robert R. Snell
Joan and Wade Snell
Sobrato Family Foundation
Helen and Al Soderquist
BJ Sorensen
SRI International
Barbara and Royaden Stark
Maddy and Isaac Stein
Nelson Stone
Bonnie and Brian Street
Marilyn Sutorius
Susan Swezey
Judy Tam
Clinton Tobias
Mr. and Mrs. H. Anton Tucher
Ken and Maxine Tucker
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turk
United Way Silicon Valley
Marian and Jeffrey Urman
Janet and Hal Van Zoeren
Mrs. and Mr. Judith A. Vartan
Susan and Sanjay Vaswani
Barbara and Gerald Wagger
Meta K. Wagstaff
Virginia D. Waik
Joseph F. Walter
Meredith Warren
Mimi A. Webb
Mary Weersing
Wells Fargo Foundation
Sallie and Jay Whaley
Donna and Bruce Whitson
Marilyn C. Wiebenson
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati Foundation
Barbara and John Woods
Annual Report List 2013
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