Abilities United supports children and adults with disabilities, their families and members of the community, and champions a culture in which all members of society are included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.

what we do _ family support

strong, healthy familes stay together

Family Support helps families remain together, as a strong and healthy unit, so they can keep their child with a disability in their home with them. Our home companions and recreational specialists introduce children and adults to age appropriate recreational and educational activities that enrich their lives while offering other family members time to enjoy their own recreational, personal and professional interests. Staff is finger printed, CPR and First Aid certified, and are available to the families 24/7.

Abilities United provides your family the tools and support you need to help you maintain your resources, strength, and energy while you best care for your family member with a developmental disability. We’re committed to help your family achieve a balanced life. While your child enjoys educational, recreational and social activities that enrich their lives, other family members have time to pursue personal and professional interests. Family Support Services at Abilities United help you sustain your family’s health and strength, so your loved one can continue to live with you in your home.

Skill building activities take place in a safe and structured environment where children and adults with developmental disabilities learn the academic, social, and life skills they need to be active members of the community.

Age appropriate social activities in small group or one-to-one settings introduce participants to opportunities where they can make and maintain friendships and explore new venues in the community.

Abilities United is committed to your family. Services are developed to be culturally sensitive to honor your customs and traditions. You’ll build a relationship with your home companion or specialist so we make sure that the individuals you work with are people you can rely on and trust.



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