Abilities United supports children and adults with disabilities, their families and members of the community, and champions a culture in which all members of society are included and appreciated for their distinctive contributions.

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employment services

You can have a job that you like and value.

If you would like to be employed, Abilities United is here to support you. We can help you attain work skills to complement those you already have.


We spend time with you to determine what skills you already have and which ones you need to develop to get the job you want. Once a job is identified with you, you work 1:1 with us to apply for the job.

If an individual placement is most appropriate, we work with you to find you a job that matches your skills and interest. You may receive one-on-one support and training in areas like:

• Skill review
• Job application techniques
• Interview techniques
• Vocational assessment
• Job placement
• Job coaching

When you get your job, you can work independently for your employer but an Abilities United job coach will assist you with your training and adjustment to your new work environment until you are ready to work on your own.

If a group work environment is appropriate for you, you can work on one of our teams established with an employer. You may receive 100% on-the-job support and training from one of our supervisors and work alongside fellow Abilities United participants.

Depending on your experience and job goals,

  • You may go through an external situational assessment (ESA). Your skills, job needs, motivation and work behaviors are assessed in one or more work locations that match your interests and skills.
  • Based on your assessment, we recommend a job and employment situation appropriate for you.
  • You begin the job development process with a job developer.
  • When you are placed in a job, a job coach assists you in your training until you adjust to your new work environment and feel comfortable to work on your own.
  • You can also receive personal, vocational, and social adjustment training (PVSA) if you need help to learn appropriate work behavior or money management. This service can help you build the skills you need to get a job or retain your employment.

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