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computer education

Abilities United Computer Education provides a fun environment for you to learn and enhance academic, computer and life skills with an emphasis on computer and Internet safety.

Classes can be scheduled based on your needs at Abilities United or in your home.

Small group and cost-effective training
You receive personalized attention in a 1:1 private or small group setting (no more than 4 persons per class). Materials and instruction are provided at reasonable rates. Private classes are $55 per hour.  Contact 650-618-3390 or email for group pricing.

Areas of Study

You may choose one or multiple classes, depending on your needs and wants.

Computer Access
Evaluation and assessment to determine your computer and software needs to help you make the most effective, efficient and safe use of computer technology.

Computer Readiness
An introduction to computers with focus on attention to task, cause and effect, and the use of input devices such as a computer mouse, keyboard, joystick, touch screen, roller ball, etc.

Computer Usage
Further develops your knowledge and usage of input devices, access to data and software programs stored on disk drives, access to programs and folders on the computer desktop, keyboarding and an introduction to the Internet, including an emphasis on Internet and computer safety.

Advanced skills in the creation of computer folders and files, using Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and digital media, saving information to disk (CD or flash drive), and other appropriate computer skills as identified by the instructor or student. Advanced Internet skill development includes search engines usage, sending and receiving e-mail, creating web page bookmarks, etc. 

Academic Skills

Development and practical usage of basic, intermediate and advanced math skills

Development and practical usage of basic, intermediate and advanced literacy skills

Life Skills

Communication skills
Develop communication aids for use in your home, school or community setting.

Vocabulary Usage
Exploration, usage and development of words and phrases appropriate for your home, community, education and recreation programs.

Time Management
Development and practical usage of basic, intermediate and advanced time and calendar skills.

Money Management
Development and practical usage of basic, intermediate and advanced money management skills

Banking and Budgeting
Development and practical usage of basic, intermediate and advanced banking and budgeting skills 

Job Search
Practical use of the computer to conduct job searches, search for company background information, submit application letters and resumes via e-mail, and printing hard copy applications.


ADA Compliance and Accessibility

Accessible computer technology
Your computer is wheelchair accessible and equipped with specially designed keyboards, mice and monitors to accommodate limited range of motion, visual and hearing impairment, or other special needs.

Courses developed by experts
Software used by Abilities United is specially designed for people with disabilities or accessibility challenges. A variety of educational software packages designed by education specialists are utilized to teach the various skill sets.

Getting Started

For more information about Computer Education,
contact 650-618-3390 or email

Location: 3864 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto

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